Are you currently growing edible plants by yourself? 
e.g. herbs, veggies, fruits...
If YES, tell us how you do!
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Your gardening experience

Hey there! Sophia's speaking :-)
I am conducting this survey to understand how YOU guys, newbies in gardening, up to advanced farmers, get started and continue looking for more info along the way up!
Looking forward to your responses!
How did you start gardening? Tell me your story! *

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Where do you grow edible plants on a regular basis? *

What best describes your level of expertise in gardening? *

Which information is particularly challenging to find? *

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What have you relied on so far to look for answers? *

Can you be more specific about your information seeking process?

Any details would be really helpful!
Where do you struggle? Which websites are helpful? Which specific Youtube channels?
How do you get recommendations from fellow gardeners? How often?
What's the seed packet brand?...
When you look for answers on the internet, what sites have you used that you'll recommend?

Don't use Internet? Skip the question!
A friend of yours - totally new to gardening - asks you how to start growing herbs and cherry tomatoes. What would you recommend? What resources would you provide?

Optional questions

Feel free to skip them!
What are the crops you recently planted?

Which method, variety, environment were you specifically looking for?

Where do you get your seeds? 
Please provide a name, an address, a website...

About You

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